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EVENT Photography and Video is a great way to accentuate your scheduled event. What better way to do it than with  professionals who understand capturing the essence of all the dedicated planning you've engaged in to help culminate your event into one gigantic crescendo?

Investing in your marketing brand is worth the expense of getting your presence out there. That's why no cost is too great when you're wanting to make that splash and want it done right. Going on the cheap is not worth the risk! At AMP Photography and Film we put in the time and effort to provide you with great images that you'll be happy to post online to your website or present in your marketing material. A great deal of quality, time and effort  goes into post processing of your images to produce wonderful and lasting  memories of your event.

AMP Photography and Film has priced our services so that you can feel confident about the product and service you will receive when we work your event. Our prices are designed to give you the photographic quality your event deserves whether that be still photography or video services.

Our prices are as follows yet are subject to change so book with us early to get locked into your rate:


HOURS                PRICE                  # of IMAGES                                       MEDIA

0 - 4                      $700.00             *All Images of the days event.        CD, Thumb Drive, or upload to Dropbox

5 - 8                      $1100.00            *All Images of the days event.        CD, Thumb Drive, or upload to Dropbox

9 - 12                    $1700.00            *All Images of the days event.        CD, Thumb Drive, or upload to Dropbox


HOURS                PRICE                  MEDIA                                                       ** CAMERA OPERATORS

0 - 4                      $1500.00            DVD or Customer upload online                              One

5 - 8                      $2800.00           DVD or Customer upload online                              One

9 - 12                     $4500.00           DVD or Customer upload online                              One

- Each additional hour  is $150.00.

* Denotes quality usable images only.  (AMP Photography and Film is not responsible for poor lighting conditions at the venue that might affect video image quality output.)

** Additional camera operator - $300 ea.


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