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Welcome to the "creative" side of human ingenuity! There's something to be said about the world we live in and capturing it with photography and video makes our world worth while beholding. Life is a microcosm of complex motion and emotion therefore what better way to capture this complexity than through the eye lens of a photographic artist.

Hi, my name is Anthony Miller and I'm a professional photographer.

Welcome to my world!

It is a world of vibrant colors, human suspense, the thrill of victory and the agony of defeat. Yet the story must be told and that's why I love what I do - Photography and Film production! 

Capturing life's moments at it's finest and storytelling it through a photograph, a collage of photographs or from behind the lens of a motion camera, gives me a great deal of satisfaction! 

I photograph a variety of genres such as  Weddings, Headshots, Special Events, Wildlife, Lifestyle Portraiture, Product, Fashion, Sports & more. Each one is exciting in its own right. To me it's about serving others and seeing them smile, in turn, bringing happiness to one's own self. And when I see you smile - I smile!  :)

When I formed Anthony Miller Photography & Film (AMP), I set out take great care to listen to your thoughts and translate that into pleasant and lasting memories that you would share with others for the rest of your life. Being able to tell your story through visual artistry is an art form of love. You've got to love composition, you've got to love heart-felt emotion, you've got to love the unknown and be able to translate that into one big picture where the message is delivered as intended. A picture is worth a thousand words, and a video tells it all.

That's why I love what I do! It's about creating artifacts that will be around long after we're gone and echo a meaningful time of the past.

We're all about delivering a viable product but building lasting professional relationships based on solid customer trust beyond the business level is what it is all about!  It stops being about me and starts being All About YOU! 

AMP Photography & Film Productions - a name you can trust! Also feel free to visit my Instagram account @anthonydmillerphotography


Anthony (Tony)



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